Z-SAT Zombie Survival Aptitude Test

Z-SAT Zombie Survival Aptitude Test

If you have kids in grade school and you like to keep up on current affairs in the US, then you’ve probably heard about the cheating scandal involving national standardized tests. Sure that’s a big deal for non-zombie believers who are soon to be lunch anyway. For those of you looking to survive beyond 2012, you better be rereading the Zombie Survival Guide and Zombie Combat Manual to have a fighting chance.

Like all good educators (unlike the cheaters mentioned above), GeekAlerts really does want you to excel and survive past 2012 and to do so, you’re going to need to really test your knowledge. The Z-SAT Zombie Survival Aptitude Test is packed with over 300 questions that will test your preparedness for surviving the zombie apocalypse. Remember if you cheat, you will only be cheating yourself and no one going to save you…But I might steal your supplies.

Z-SAT Zombie Survival Test

Z-SAT tests the individual on a wide range of zombie survival knowledge with a number of different question types. The test consists of over 300 different questions, and most of them are multiple choice! Here are some sample questions:

  • What is the maximum distance that fragmentation grenades can cause injury?
  • What happens if you are bitten by a zombie?
  • Which area of the human skull is the weakest?
  • True or False: A zombie’s flesh is edible and safe for consumption when cooked properly.
  • And loads more!

If you want to survive you better test your knowledge. You can purchase the Z-SAT Zombie Survival Aptitude Test at ThinkGeek for $12.95, at Amazon.com from $9.99 and for $4.99 for your NOOK at Barnes & Noble.

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