Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station

Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station

Multitasking is what life is all about these days and this Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station will help you do just that in the kitchen. It is the first electronic kitchen scale with a licensed iPod docking/charging station.

Now you can play your music while cooking up some tasty recipes. The scale features results in pounds, fluid ounces, or grams and weighs dry and liquid ingredients. It even has an automatic shut off feature to help save your battery life. Music and accurate weight are two things you need to make the perfect dish.

This device is compatible with all current iPod models and has a speaker in the base. You also get a protective cover for the iPod station to protect it when it is not in use.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you’ll want to check it out for $60.78 from Amazon.

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  1. While interesting that it will charge and kind keeps things a bit more out of the way (off he counter) for your pod…. it’s not the greatest design (being that the dock is in the front).

    It should be in the back of the scale so you can add things to the container for proper measurement without spilling things over or directly on the pod(s).

    Honestly, while interesting, I measure a fair amount of liquids on my scale, so I don’t really see this being a good idea either way.

    These nice music or menu devices really need to be up and away from possible spills.

    Good try tough. 🙂

    Perhaps on the next try they can move it to the back and encase it for protection.

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