Digital Spoon Measure

Digital Measuring Spoon

You might remember doing those chemistry experiments back when you were still in school and having to fuss around with the digital weighing scale to get a certain amount of reagent or chemicals onto your evaporating dish or container. I used to spend so much time hunched over the electronic scale in the laboratory to get the right amount required for the experiment. I’ve since carried this trait about having to get weights right in life, even outside of school–like my kitchen, for example. I enjoy baking but still get a little OC about getting the weight of the ingredients right. It frustrates my sister, who sometimes bakes with me, which prompted her to suggest that I get one of these Digital Spoon Measure.

These spoons are equipped with a scale, so it weighs stuff and ingredients as you go along. Pretty neat, right? And I’m sure it’s also going to be a huge time saver.

Digital Spoon Measure

Digital Spoon Measure

Take the guesswork out of all those tsps and tbsps with theDigital Spoon Measure. This high tech scoop will measure all of your powders, granules, gels and liquids up to a generous 300g (or 10.58oz).

The two interchangeable scoops are graduated, so dishing out multiple Mls, teaspoons and tablespoons is a doddle. But it’s when you need to weigh solid objects that things get really nifty. Just scoop up your pile of powder and the digital readout in the handle will tell you the exact weight.

The Digital Spoon Measure is available for pre-order from Firebox for £19.99 and at from $25.85.

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