USB Station Memory City

Memory City

I carry around three or four USB drives in a small bag inside my purse. Sometimes, when I’m done saving or transferring or accessing some files, I just stuff the drive inside my bag. Two weeks later, I realize the drive is missing. That’s the story of my life. But something that’s about to change all that is Memory City.

As you can see in the image, Memory City is sort of a tiny metropolis that you can form with the use of your flash drives. It can accommodate 3 micro SD cards, 3 SD cards, 4 USB drives, and 3 USB lids. It’s cute to display on your desk and functional as well, which is why I’m really digging it.

Memory City

Memory City

In Memory City, flash and USB drives will find a tidy home where they can stick around until needed. The drives add spectacular architecture to the cityscape and create a panorama that is simply unforgettable.
A handy place for your digital accessories with spaces for:
  • 3 Micro SD cards
  • 3 SD cards
  • 4 USB sticks
  • 3 USB lids

USB Station Memory City is available from Design 3000 for 9,95 €.

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