Milk Chocolate Battleships

Milk Chocolate Battleships Game

What’s better than a game of battleships, you ask? Milk Chocolate Battleships! If Battleships isn’t your thing, then you could still have a lot of chocolate gaming fun with the Chocolate Chess Set, and my personal favorite, Chocolate Stacks.

The Milk Chocolate Battleships is a quirky take on the original game in that you get a board with some boat-shaped chocolate pieces to play with. Eat your opponent’s ship every time you manage to sink one in the game. Don’t worry when you’ve run out of boat-shaped chocs to play with, you can just melt some of your favorite chocolate and pour into the plastic trays to let the fun begin all over again.

Milk Chocolate Battleships Board Game

Milk Chocolate Battleships

  • Classic Battleships game with milk chocolate playing pieces
  • Sink your opponent’s battleships and eat their pieces!
  • Reusable chocolate molds to make more battleships

Take Milk Chocolate Battleships for example. Just lay these tasty-looking destroyers on the included gaming grid (hidden from your opponent, of course) and take it in turns to sink each other’s ships. D4… miss! E7… miss! D5… hit! And of course, once you’ve sunk your opponent’s battleship you can eat it! But the fun doesn’t have to end there, because the plastic tray containing your milk chocolate battleships can be used to make more. Just melt down your favorite chocs and pour them into the tray to build you new armada.

The Milk Chocolate Battleships are available from Firebox for £6.99 ($11.)

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  1. How is this the “Classic Battleships game”? Look carefully at the board. The spaces are not squares. It means if a ship is placed horizontally, it takes less spaces than if it’s placed vertically. Also, how are the players supposed to keep track of their progress? pen, markers? what about the hits? should I paint over my chocolate ou perhaps stick something in it to mark as hit? This is the stupidest board game adaptation I’ve seen. Since I know this comment will not pass moderator’s evaluation, I give you a tip: be more careful about the quality of the things you guys share in here, things like that make people (like myself) stay away from the site due to “posting without analysing quality”.

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