Chocolate Checkers

Chocolate Draughts

In case you haven’t heard, the all-new way to enjoy your favorite board games is by playing these games using chocolate game pieces. Checkers was never my favorite game, but I love sweet treats and white chocolates are my favorite, so you’ll understand why I suddenly fancy the game a whole lot more when using playing with the Chocolate Checkers.

You might be thinking it’s the end of the game when the game pieces have all been gobbled up, but you can just melt up some chocolates and pour them into the tray to mold some new game pieces. That’s not really something you can do with the Chocolate Snakes and Ladders game since you’ll be eating the game board and not just the tokens.

Chocolate Checkers

Just take a look at Chocolate Checkers. Often derided as the uncultured cousin of Chess, this game really comes into its own when the pieces are made from milk and white chocolate. Hop over your opponent’s pieces and triumphantly eat them as you go. Or better still, turn up the thermostat and take your opponent’s pieces before yours turn to chocolatey goop.

But the fun doesn’t have to end there, because the plastic trays containing your chocolate checkers pieces can be used to make more. Just melt down your favorite chocs and pour them into the tray to build your new set.

Chocolate Checkers is available from Firebox for $4.49.

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