Chocolate Stacks

Chocolate Stacks

How would you stack up against the other players in Chocolate Stacks? The thing I love most about games with chocolate tokens or boards (like the Chocolate Chess Set and Chocolate Snakes and Ladders) is that the wager is usually the chocolate game pieces, which makes it all the more fun to play.

The goal in Chocolate Stacks is obviously to slowly remove bars of chocolate from the stack without toppling the entire tower–because you already know who’ll get to gobble up the chocolate if you do.

Chocolate Stacks

Great teetering towers! We’ve seen some mashups in our time, but Chocolate Stacks takes the biscuit. Deftly combining the classic remove-and-gently-stack-on-top game (don’t say the J word…) with two kinds of delectable chocolate; makers of this fine game, you are veritable choccy-scoffin’ boffins!

Build your tower and take it in turns to remove (and eat) one of the white or milk chocolate blocks at a time. Leaving the top layer untouched, the winner is the last person to successfully remove a block without the tower falling down.

Chocolate Stacks is available from Firebox for £6.99 ($11.)

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