Sarasota Chalk Festival 3D LEGO Army

Sarasota Chalk Festival 3D Lego Army Finished

Last week we mentioned in passing about the Giant Lego Minifigure Statue that mysteriously washed up on a Florida beach. Apparently that was part of a publicity stunt by the artists behind the impressive Sarasota Chalk Festival 3D LEGO Army. Above is a photo from reddit of the finished artwork, and it is remarkable that such a 3 dimensional drawing could be created with chalk on a street. Below is a photo of the work in progress as they lay down a grid to guide their work and begin creating the chalk outlines of the Lego figures. At the bottom of the page is the concept drawing of what they had planned.

The group behind this impressive street painting is Planet Streetpainting, a collection of artists from the Netherlands. Finding inspiration in the Terracotta Army of China, they decided to give this 3D street painting a modern twist by using Lego minifigures instead of Chinese statues. Leon Keer is the art director, and fellow Dutchmen Remko van Schaik, Peter Westerink, and Ruben Poncia worked together with him to complete this amazing 3D street painting of a Lego army.

3D Chalk Lego Army

Planet Streetpainting is a collaboration of street artists based in the Netherlands.  As Planet Streetpainting’s art director Leon Keer is always fascinated about what history reveals. He tries to connects the historical events with current issues in this society. For the upcoming Sarasota Chalk Festival he has been inspired by the discovery of the Terracotta Army of China and Ego Leonard who washed ashore in Sarasota yesterday morning.

Chalk Lego Army 3D Concept

At the Sarasota Chalk Festival 2011 Planet Streetpainting will bring this discovery alive by presenting it as a 3D street painting. However instead of the Chinese Statues he will use lego figures as models for his painting. Everybody knows lego from their childhood as a good tool to explore the imagination. The painting will not be an attempt to change the history, but rather to give something informative to the public and question the existing environment of its opportunism and society control.

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