Festival Feet

Festival Feet

Fairs and festivals can be lots of fun, but they can be a muddy mess too. Festival Feet might not make the mud go away but they will keep your shoes nice and clean as you wander through the muck in search of good times, weird food, and great sales.

Festival FeetThese stylish pseudo-sneakers take the idea of slipping plastic bags onto your feet and add a little flair and pizzazz. After all, wandering around with garbage bags on your feet might keep your shoes clean but you’ll look dreadfully dull in the process. Festival Feet, which come in either red or blue, have a slight Converse look to them so you can still show off your shoes without actually showing off your shoes. They even come with actually shoestrings that need to be tied to add to that authentic feel. If they look okay after your festival trekking then you can just fold them away for another day, but they’re disposable so don’t feel bad if you have to toss them because they lost their battle with Mother Nature.

You can earn the undying gratitude of your footwear by grabbing Festival Feet for £4.95 / €6.07 / $8.04 from Red5, and don’t forget about the Waterproof Festival Survival Kit if you’re a hardcore festival goer.

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