Easy Feet

Easy Feet

A lot of people fall flat on their faces and sustain serious injuries while they’re trying to wash their feet in the shower. I’ve had my moments in shower where I had to hold on for dear life on the door handle in mid-slip. To help making washing your feet easier though, there’s the Easy Feet.

Even the most balanced and graceful people still slip while standing on one foot in the shower to soap up and clean the other. With Easy Feet, you can wash your feet just by slipping it on and moving your foot through the bristles. No risk of slipping, guaranteed.

Easy Feet

Easy Feet

There’s never been an easy way to clean your feet in the shower, struggling to balance on one leg while trying your hardest not to fall or slip over, but now there’s an answer to all your feet cleaning problems!

Thanks to Easy Feet there’s definitely an easier way. This one size fits all shower sandal contains over a thousand bristles that massage and clean your feet from top to bottom , and even has a built in pumice stone to smooth rough or cracked heels– it’s like getting a pedicure everyday!

  • Cleans, exfoliates and massages
  • Over 1,000 bristles
  • Suction cup bottom
  • Built in pumice stone
  • One size fits all

Easy Feet is available from Gizoo for $21.

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