Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers

Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers

I woke up a few hours past midnight last night feeling anxious and extremely thirsty. (It probably had to do with my nightmare where I found myself being chased in the desert by a cheetah–yeah, bizarre dream, I know.) On my way to get a glass of water, I bumped my elbow into the screen door and hit my knee on the counter. A couple more bruises later, I was finally able to pour myself a glass of water and get back to bed. I should’ve brought a flashlight with me to prevent all the unnecessary banging around, but getting a pair of these Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers might be more convenient.

The Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers are just like your typical slippers, only they’ve got a flashlight integrated in the front of each to help you find your way in the dark. These comfortable slippers ensure that you can get to your intended destination–without all the bruises. For more slippers with dual purposes, you can try checking out the Bagpuss Slippers which can keep your feet warm and toasty this winter.

Bright Feet Light Up Slippers

Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers

Do you find yourself carrying a flashlight or using your cell phone to guide you to the kitchen late at night? Stop that insanity and start something even crazier! These super comfortable Slippers will make it feel like your walking on air as they Light your path through the night. They have weight and light sensors to Light up only when you’re walking in the dark. You’ll be able to snack on anything you’d like without smashing into the glass table or stepping on the cats tail. Better yet you probably wont even wake the kids, which means more Rocky Road for you!

The Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers are available from for $24.99 and at As Seen on TV for $19.95.

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