Mega Brows 3-Pack

Mega Brows 3-Pack

There’s this guy at my office that has a unibrow. He’s a nice guy, and he’s pretty popular at the office. But sometimes, I just can’t help but stare at his extremely thick and bushy unibrow. I’m not discriminating against unibrows at all; in fact, I’m pretty curious why some people have a whole lot more hair growing in between their eyebrows than others. But hey, if you’re born with some pretty sparse brows, then you might want to tack on some of the pretty funky brows from the Mega Brows 3-Pack.

The Mega Brows 3-Pack contains three different sets of eyebrows: the unibrow (my colleague’s looks just like the one in this pack, honest), the angry ginger-haired sportsman brow, and the grandpa brow. And in case you want to freak some people out, hold these Blinking Eyes up to your real peepers and you’re all set.

Mega Brows 3-Pack

  • Try a daring new look!
  • What a novel(ty) idea!
  • Makes a great, wacky gift!

They’re thick, they’re bold, they’re really, really prominent – they’re Mega Brows! Each package features three different styles of lush fake eyebrows with adhesive backing. Should fit most adult faces and can be easily trimmed to fit children as well. Illustrated blistercard.

The Mega Brows 3-Pack is available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth for $7.99.

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