Mega Stomp Panic – Audio Reality Costume

Mega Stomp Panic - Audio Reality Costume

Everybody can benefit from having their own personal sound effects. Whether it’s making a big entrance at an office meeting, going on a first date, or just picking up your kids up from school, the Mega Stomp Panic – Audio Reality Costume lets you make that big entrance you always wanted.

If looks aren’t your strong point, don’t worry. With nine different sound effects, you’ll be able to impress others audibly all day long. Play the Zombie Attack sound and prepare your family for their upcoming demise, or maybe play the Medieval Knight sound as you act out a scene or two from Game of Thrones.

And what exactly is an Audio Reality Costume? Glad you asked young geekling. Traditional costumes are a disguise based upon VISUAL appearance. In a traditional costume you take the way you look regularly and cover it up with clothing, masks and makeup. The Mega Stomp Panic creates a costume using SOUND only. The sounds from the Mega Stomp are synchronized to your steps and stomps, giving the illusion that you are generating them yourself.

Mega Stomp Panic Audio device

Mega Stomp Panic – Audio Reality Costume

  • Audio fun for cosplay, Halloween, or everyday stomping about
  • Mega Stomp senses your leg movements when you step or stomp, then plays perfectly timed sound effects to create the audio illusion.
  • Each sound environment features different sound effects for stepping vs stomping.
  • Supporting background audio sets the mood for each environment.
  • Sound banks included: Hydraulic Robot (robot walking, crushing things), Rainstorm (walking in puddles, splashing in puddles), Zombie Attack (squishy walk, dragging a dead limb, zombie attack RAWR!), Gigantic Monster (city-squishing monster walk, crushing buildings), Gunslinger (walking with boots & spurs, shotgun pump & fire), Medieval Knight (walking in plate armor, swords clanging), Pegleg Pirate (every other foot is your peg leg!, pistol firing, swords clanging), 8-Bit Gaming Hero (video game walk, coin collecting, pew pew!), Steampunk Giant Robot (hydraulic robot walking, steam, crushing things)
  • Retro Style LED Sound Bank Indicator
  • Main box and mini box glow with embedded LEDs
  • Batteries: 4 AAA (not included)

Bring your own sound effects to the party with the Mega Stomp Panic – Audio Reality Costume available at for $39.99.

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