Mega Stomp Battle – Audio Reality Effects

Mega Stomp Battle - Audio Reality Effects

Turn sound into a costume with Mega Stomp Battle – Audio Reality Effects, and transform yourself into an auditory army of assorted creatures.

Maybe you already have the Mega Stomp Panic – Audio Reality Costume, and you’ve had tons of fun with it. You clip it on your belt and stomp around and cause panic because people think a giant monster or robot or zombie is coming after them, but Mega Stomp Battle adds a little something extra.

You still get the awesome stomping effects, but now you can make attack sounds too, courtesy of the handy wand that can be activated by either shaking it or pulling the trigger. Now, when somebody hears the squishy walk of a zombie, they can also hear the zombie munching on a victim; the stomping of a giant monster can be followed by a loud roar.

Now, in addition to stomping, you can also attack.

Mega Stomp Battle – Audio Reality Effects

  • Walking-activated sound effects with an added punch activated by wand
  • Invented, designed, and manufactured by ThinkGeek
  • Step to trigger basic walking sound effects
    • Thrust the wand (or press the trigger button) to activate fighting sound effects
    • Turn the knob to select your audio effect
  • Sound banks included:
    • Metal Man (8 sounds, inc. ka-chunk, high-powered blaster)
    • Video Game Hero (6 sounds, inc. video game walk, coin collecting)
    • Kung Fu (14 sounds, inc. socked-feet on wood, classic hand-to-hand combat)
    • Modern Battlefield (13 sounds, inc. boots on gravel, gunfire)
    • Giant Robot Smash (6 sounds, inc. robot walking, crushing things)
    • Giant Monster (8 sounds, inc. city-squishing monster walk, roaring)
    • Space Battle (12 sounds, inc. hydraulic walk, pew pew!)
    • Mage (12 sounds, inc. footsteps echoing, magic missile)
    • Zombie Attack (7 sounds, inc. squishy walk, munch)
    • Sword Fight (12 sounds, inc. walking in plate armor, swords clanging)
  • Batteries: 6 AAA (not included)
  • Ages 14+

Mega Stomp Battle – Audio Reality Effects is available for $39.99 at


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