Wand Activated LED Candle

Wand Activated LED Candle

Just in time for the new “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” movie, the light source that every hobby wizard have always dreamt about is here; the wand activated LED candle.

With a swish of your wand, the candle lights up, casting romantic light around the room. This magical feat can be performed at up to a distance of four large paces, which we figure is the distance from the candle to your favorite comfy chair.

Here is a video clip showing the wand activated LED candle in action:

Kandela Wand Activated LED Candle

  • Wand & enchanted candle set
  • New ivory/bone look wand handle
  • Simple to use – no programming
  • A swish of your wand lights the candle like magic
  • Flameless LED candle is safe (and great for people with kids or cats!)
  • Blow it out, just like a real candle
  • One hour sleep timer makes it a perfect night light

Wand Activated LED Candle

The Kandela Wand Activated LED Candle is yours for $49.99 from the ThinkGeek website.

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