Harry Potter’s Wand with Illuminating Tip

Harry Potter's Wand with Illuminating Tip

If you’re about to reach for your mouse to head on over to another blog entry, then I have just one thing to say to you: Expelliarmus! This wand might not have any real magic in it, but through it you will be able to relive and replay some of the best scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Harry Potter’s Wand with Illuminating Tip will provide hours and hours of fun and role-playing adventure; the fact that it lights up is just an added bonus!

The final movie in the Harry Potter series is in theaters now, so what better way to celebrate it then by getting your very own wand with an illuminating tip. Go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again and carry this wand to guide your way through the theater once you make it inside; obviously much to the envy of those who still haven’t got their very own yet.

Harry Potter’s Wand with Illuminating Tip

Perfect for wandering corridors at night, strutting about castles and generally getting up to no good – Harry Potter’s Wand with Illuminating Tip is a faithful recreation of the boy wizard’s own phoenix-feather wand. Fully licensed and beautifully detailed, it’s a great bit of memorabilia from the barnstorming movie franchise – not to mention a great toy!

Swish it through the air and the tip will illuminate. Wave it a second time and the light will be extinguished. It’s just like Harry’s wand in the films, although whispering “Lumos” and “Nox” every time is optional (we do). Just don’t wake up the muggles with your practicing.

Harry Potter’s Wand with Illuminating Tip is available from Firebox for $59.  Also available for $36.79 at Amazon.com.  Don’t forget to get your Harry Potter Marauder’s Map and Proclamation Board.

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