Harry Potter Proclamation Board

officially licensed harry potter proclamation board

Hey all you Harry Potter fans, here is the officially licensed Harry Potter Proclamation Board.  Do you remember good old Dolores Umbridge and her appointment to the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?  We all know that didn’t work out well for Harry and the the rest of the Gryffindors.  In fact, it was her constant decree making and lack of belief in Voldamort that lead Hermione Granger to form the secret D.A.D.A. class so students could practice and be prepared.   Now you too can write your own educational decree number, maybe something to keep people out of your room or work space, on this officially licensed proclamation board.  Thankfully for the violators of your decree, there is no special quill to scar the message into their hands.

Dolores Umbridge Proclamation Board from Harry Potter Movie

Product Specifications

  • Proclamations Board for educational decrees as seen in the Harry Potter films
  • Be the Dolores Umbridge of your home, classroom, office, or game room.
  • Write your decrees with the included markers
  • Compatible with any dry erase markers
  • Includes: Proclamations Board (34” tall), two markers, eraser

You can purchase the Officially Licensed Harry Potter Proclamation Board at ThinkGeeek for $49.99.  If you are looking for some other cool Harry Potter stuff, checkout the Basilisk Statue and the LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus.

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