Hozuki LED Lantern Candle

Hozuki LED Candle Lantern

Who’s got camping on their bucket list this year? As you gather camping gear before the big trip, consider this Hozuki LED Lantern Candle. It’s a bright, hands-free lantern you can hang in your tent, and it runs off AA batteries or by a USB plug.

For geeks who are incapable of completely disconnecting during a camping trip, this lantern is for you. It can run off your laptop’s USB hub, which is advantageous should the AA batteries ever die (and they always do.) More like indoor lighting, the lantern produces softer light, giving your eyes a break after being outside all day long. But the really unique thing about the LED lantern is how it will act like a candle in flicker mode, and will simulate the behavior of a candle flame when you blow it out. The “flame” then comes back to life shortly afterwards. Another bonus is that your tent won’t burn down in the process.

Hozuki Candle Lantern

  • Snow Peak Hozuki LED lantern with candle mode adds to the ambiance of a fun-filled camping adventure.
  • A gorgeous, hi-tech, multi-setting LED lantern – that flickers when you blow on it!
  • Can actually “blow out” in flicker mode – only to light back up after a few seconds.
  • Made of polycarbonate plastic, ABS resin, acrylic resin, silicon rubber, and aluminum.
  • Hangs with the attached hook, or sits on it for desk use.

You can get the Hozuki LED Lantern Candle by Snow Peak at REI for $89.95, Amazon for $84.90, and at ThinkGeek for $89.99. It would be a good idea to stock up on rechargeable batteries if you’re camping out for several nights.

Speaking of hands-free, how about the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower that you can hang from a branch? The LEGO Head Lamp would be extra “handy” for night trips to the loo.

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