Panic Button Cufflinks

Panic Button Cufflinks

For those days when you know going into the boardroom is going to be as pleasant as sticking your head in a guillotine, wear your best dress shirt and bedazzle your cuffs with these Panic Button Cufflinks.

Panic Button Cufflinks
Due date: last week. Computer: crashed. Printer: broken. Don’t panic! Our panic button cuff links help you keep your cool. Feel an inner peace knowing you’ve got a panic button to push should your stress-o-meter fly off the charts. Sure to lighten the mood in any situation, our panic button cuff links make a humorous gift for anyone with a stressful job.

  • red and white enamel
  • silver-plated bullet backing
  • cuff links: 3/5” high x 3/5” wide x 1” diameter

The boardroom is just one example, but you can wear these out to any event that gives you anxiety: weddings, the opera, child-birthing class, first dates gone wrong, final exam day, long ceremonies, court hearings, a four-hour interview. Though the buttons will likely be void of magical powers to solve any problems, wearing them would make you feel more in control. We humans can be such drama queens, but it’s nice when we find ways to cope. People will appreciate your sense of humor and style. Red against crisp white looks mighty sharp.

Red Envelope has the Panic Button Cufflinks on sale for $24.99 per pair.

And since GA knows that there are lots of occasions when geeks are required to dress up and put their t-shirts aside, here are some other great cufflinks in the form of Periodic Table elements, Superman S-Shields, Colt .45 bullets, iPhone App Buttons and Facebook Like/Dislike Buttons.

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