Eon Extreme Flashlight

Iain Sinclair Eon Extreme Flashlight

GeekAlerts wants to introduce you to a flashlight that looks as good as it performs. The Eon Extreme Flashlight is perfect for everyday carrying. At the size of a credit card, you can slip this rechargeable torch into your wallet for safe keeping and convenience. The Eon Extreme is considered to be lighter (weighs only 45 grams), brighter (produces and amazing 230 lumens of pocket flood light), greener (uses rechargeable batteries verses disposable), and tougher (made from a solid block of machined aluminum), than any other rival out there.

Using twin hyper-bright power chip LED lights, along with a touch controlled variable electronic dimmer, this flashlight can provide you approximately 24 hours of continuous output. Recharging is easy since this device has a built-in micro USB connector. Simply charge it the same way you charge your BlackBerry and other mobile devices; plug it into the wall using the supplied cord or connected it to a PC via a USB port.

Eon Extreme Tourch

Eon Extreme Flashlight

  • Eon Extreme is the size of a credit card and has the highest power to weight ratio of any flashlight/torch in the world.
  • 230 lumens of pocket flood light from only 45 grams.
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer power source requires no battery cells to buy or change.
  • Highest quality Aluminum construction including black gun metal anodizing.
  • 8-bit micro controller (smallest complete PC on a chip solution available)
  • 85.6 x 54 x 3.4 mm (size of credit card)

Get that special person in your life something cool and useful this holiday. You can purchase the Eon Extreme Flashlight at Iainsinclair.com for £40 GBP ($65 USD.)


  1. Hi,

    I ordered a EonExtremeFloodlight for £50 in april 2012 and still did not receive it (order from the official iain sinclair website).

    I tried to call 5 times (“Hello. Your call cannot be taken at the moment”) to no avail. Just the answering machine. No answer to my mails and to the contact form on the website either.

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