Flip Torch Flashlight

flip-torch light

Here’s a little something that’s good for providing a laugh and lighting your way. The next time somebody comes up with a cigarette and asks if you have a light, just whip out the Flip Torch Flashlight and watch their amazed reaction when they realize you gave them an actual light. Hey! You gave them what they asked for, right?

Designed to look like a classic butane lighter, complete with flip-top and a silver matte finish, this little flashlight contains twin LED lights that automatically switch on when you flip the top up. If you’re an old-school smoker that actually carries a real butane lighter, the stylish FlipTorch logo that’s engraved on the front will help you make sure you always have the lighter, or flashlight, that you want at any particular time.

Flip Torch

Flip Torch

  • Stylish Twin LED portable light
  • Styled just like an iconic lighter
  • Two super bright LED’s
  • Metal cased torch
  • ‘FlipTorch’ engraved on front
  • Presented in gift box with magnetic closure
  • Requires 3 x AG3 batteries
  • Measures approx. 6.5cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cm

Whether you enjoy classic lighters or just get a kick out of quirky flashlights, the Flip Torch is begging to be in your collection. It’s available for £8.95 ($14.52) at Red5.co.uk.

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