Bacon Magic Disposable Camera

This Bacon Magic Disposable Camera will infuse your love of bacon into every shot you take. Bacon makes everything better right? And that includes photos. The awesome Bacon Magic Disposable Camera adds Bacon phrases and graphics to all your photos. Just take your photos as […]


Unicorn Magic Disposable Camera

Pictures are like magic and so are Unicorns; so it makes sense that both are combined in this awesome Unicorn Magic Disposable Camera. It’s bright and mythical and magnificent. And completely disposable. Maybe you can use it to capture a unicorn on film. In fact, […]

Festival Feet

Festival Feet

Fairs and festivals can be lots of fun, but they can be a muddy mess too. Festival Feet might not make the mud go away but they will keep your shoes nice and clean as you wander through the muck in search of good times, […]

Disposable flasks

Disposable Flasks

It’s all about disposable these days. Disposable underwear (in the form of the Uh-Oh Emergency Underpants), disposable toilet covers (such as the Emergency Toilet Seat Covers), and now, disposable drinking containers with the Disposable Flasks. Each of these Disposable Flasks can hold up to five shots […]