Owls seem to be popping up everywhere; even as computer accessories. How these creatures love to tug at our heartstrings! Who can resist their big, round eyes, the way they do that rad 360 move with their heads, and their overall pudgy cuteness? We’ve shown you some fancy owls that plug into USB outlets, such as the Owl Flash Drive Keyring, Owl USB Drive, and this jewel-encrusted Owl USB Flash Drive. Another owl to join the gang is this USB Owl that hangs out at your desk to keep you company.

USB Owl Features:

  • USB Powered Owls have realistic movements
  • Eye blinking and head turning motions
  • Three moods: Active, Mellow or Sleeping
  • Comes with clip for monitor or laptop and small stump
  • Owl Stands 3″ high when perching on his stump
  • Imported from Japan

usb robot owl

Once the owl is connected to a USB outlet, it’ll twist its head in a U-motion with its eyes closed. Then it will wake up and open its eyes. The USB Owl operates in three different modes; active, slow, and sleep. It would be fun to have a whole colony of these owls. Actually, the correct terminology would be a whole “parliament” of owls.

The round-headed one must be inspired by the snowy owl, and the pointy-eared one takes after the great-horned owl. Each of these adorable owls comes perched on a tree stump.

Find out who’s who among animated USB toys when you check out the USB Owl. Available at ThinkGeek for $19.99, for $27, and at the Japan Trend Shop for $33.

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