Lucky Charms Lip Balm

Lucky Charms Lip Balm

There are many different flavors of lip balm to choose from these days, including geek favorites like Bacon and French Fries to yummy ones like Cupcake and Cinnabon. If you like sweet kids’ breakfast cereals, then Lucky Charms Lip Balm is for you.

An old girlfriend called me “Lucky Charms” as a pet name. I liked it and just assumed she thought I was good luck or that she felt lucky to have me. Until one day I overheard one of her girlfriends arrive at her apartment and ask if her Lucky Charm was home. “It’s Lucky Charms not Lucky Charm,” my girlfriend corrected her. Turns out, I’m magically delicious. But don’t worry, I have nothing to do with the ingredients or production of this lip balm.

Lucky Charms Lip Balm

  • Remember those blissful mornings of waking up early and watching your favorite Saturday Morning cartoons with your favorite bowl of cereal?
  • Contains 0.15 Ounces of Mixed Berry flavored Lip Balm
  • This lip balm will protect your pouter against the harshest of winter and the hottest of summers.
  • Now you can relive those memories with the lingering taste of your favorite cereal lip balm!

Lucky Charms Lip Balm is available at Silly rabbit, you can also buy Trix Lip Balm.

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