Tetris Stress Blocks

When you get stressed, it helps to play a video game like Tetris. At least for me it does. But if you can’t play Tetris you can at least use these Tetris Stress Blocks and blow off some steam. These Tetris Tetriminos will relieve your […]

Barf Ball Stress Ball

Barf Ball

The Barf Ball already looks gross enough as it is. I mean, it doesn’t exactly look scary but it’s not something that I’d want to see in my dream, that’s for sure. But it gets worse. How? Just give the Barf Ball a good old […]


Fake Poop Stress Toy

Stressed and faced with a lot of crap at the office? Then take it out on the crap itself through the Fake Poop Stress Toy. Your colleagues might probably think you’ve gone bonkers and lost all sense of hygiene when they see you squeezing the […]