Pac-Man 17-Inch Statue

Pac-Man 17-Inch Statue

This Pac-Man 17-Inch Statue brings your favorite yellow dot eater into your home. Each one is has an individually hand-numbered base and includes a certificate of authenticity! It shows Pac-Man ready for action and the base is a level from the actual game. This statue […]


Harley Quinn Leggings

Get tight with Harley Quinn with these Harley Quinn Leggings. Acceptance into Task Force X AKA Suicide Squad not required. Maybe you want to work out at the gym or maybe you want to look stylish while playing Pokemon Go. Maybe you just want something […]


Star Wars Action Boba Fett Bear Set

The Mandalorian bounty hunter has never looked as cute as he does as the Star Wars Action Boba Fett Bear Set. Standing 17-inches tall, this bounty hunting bear is on the prowl for a carbon-frozen smuggler. In addition to wearing Boba Fett’s iconic armor, the […]