Stuffitts Odor Killing Sports Bag Pro

Stuffits Odor Killing Sports Bag Pro

If you go to the gym regularly, then you might have noticed a foul odor slowly emanating from your gym bag. It’s a musty, annoying smell–most likely as a result of carrying damp stuff around in your bag. We all know that an enclosed space and moisture can provide a suitable breeding ground for bacteria. So to prevent odors and the growth of such bacteria, just put all the wet stuff into the Stuffitts Odor Killing Sports Bag Pro.

Like the Stuffitts Shoe Savers, the Stuffitts Odor Killing Sports Bag Pro is great at absorbing excess moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause unsightly stains and bad odor.

Stuffitts Odor Killing Sports Bag ProStuffits Bag

Stuffitts Odor-Killing Bag is the first of its kind a lightweight, go-anywhere bag that absorbs moisture and kills odor to minimize the sweat and stink in your gear and active wear. The nylon outer layer of the bag creates a durable, water resistant barrier that contains the moisture and odor inside the bag. Inside the bag is a removable, patent-pending Stuffitts rectangular panel that works to remove the moisture content and odor from the gear stuffed inside.

The Stuffitts Odor Killing Sports Bag Pro is available from Stuffitts for $39.95.

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