Heart Hole Punch

Heart Hole Punch

Interoffice romance usually leads to trouble, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun. Use this Heart Hole Punch to create some heart shaped confetti or to add a little love to your boring daily reports.Heart Hole Puncher

The Heart Hole Punch is perfect for classrooms, offices, art projects, and for students that need to use hole punches daily. Why settle for boring O’s when you can have sexy hearts!

Brought to you by our soppy ol’ friends at SUCK UK, this sturdy metal office essential punches heart-shaped holes in paperwork/love letters/photos of Justin Bieber. You’ll fall in love with filing all over again. Probably. And once you’re finished you’ll have a handy pile of heart-shaped confetti to a) use at your forthcoming nuptials, or b) vacuum up as you cry over your foolishly perforated annual report.

Make every day Valentine’s Day with the Heart Hole Punch available at Firebox for £10.99.

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