Motorized Monocycle

Motorized Monocycle

In MIB3, a young Agent K asks Agent J if they have these things in the future, but I want you to know the future is now and the Motorized Monocycle is here for your enjoyment.

While I wouldn’t suggest putting this thing through some of the moves Will Smith does in Men in Black 3 (don’t try to ride it under a bus), the below video shows how much fun the monocycle can be. A cushioned seat and footrests built into the fiberglass frame accommodates riders up to 6′ 3″ tall when in a sitting position, and the 31cc, four-stroke 1 1/2-hp engine makes sure you have the power to get where you want to go… as long as where you want to go isn’t too far away since this bit of motorized awesomeness isn’t street legal. I anxiously await the day that changes because this would put a whole new spin on the commute to work, especially when you consider that less than half a gallon of gasoline will keep you going for up to two hours.

A finger throttle on the handholds provide progressive acceleration up to 25mph and the brake provides stopping power for riders up to 275lbs. A minimum weight of 110lbs. is suggested to avoid counterbalance problems when accelerating or braking.

Drop the price and increase the speed, and I’ll see about having one of these parked outside my door. In the meantime, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can get the Motorized Monocycle for $13,000 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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  1. Why don’t they make these available for rent in touristy places like segways are? That would be profitable if they aren’t too expensive to produce.

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