Finger Sporks

Finger Sporks

A lot of people think it’s totally crude to eat meals using their bare hands or fingers, and I’m in agreement. I mean, using your hands to scoop mounds of junk food into your mouth is fine, but using your hands to pick up some broccoli or cheese? Nah, not really. Better use these Finger Sporks instead.

The Finger Sporks come in four bright colors: blue, red, green, and yellow. Just slip them on your digits and start eating the way that our ancestors did without being too neanderthalic (if that’s even a word.)

Finger Sporks Utensils

Finger Sporks

Floating cities, jet packs, and cyborg bodies; they’re all part of the amazing future we’re still waiting for. At Archie McPhee, we have been working feverishly to make that bright future a reality. Introducing Finger Sporks, instant robotic enhancements for your fingertips! Regular humans pick up one bite at a time, but a Finger Spork-wearing superhuman can scoop up four cyborg-size bites at once!

The Finger Sporks are available from McPhee for $3.55.

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