Bob Ross Finger Puppet

Bob Ross Finger Puppet

You really didn’t have to know diddly squat about art in order to enjoy watching Bob Ross paint beautiful landscapes on his show, The Joy of Painting. His smooth voice and happy demeanor had a way of making people sit through entire shows and marvel at the way he whipped up such realistic-looking landscapes in such a short period of time. Bob Ross aficionados, here’s an original keepsake that will help keep the late painter’s spirit alive: it’s the Bob Ross Finger Puppet.

Bob Ross Hand Made Finger Puppet

Bob Ross taught us all the Joy of Painting, and this little version is sure to teach you the joy of an awesome felt finger puppet. Happy little trees not included, but listen closely and maybe he’ll give you a tutorial on painting some for yourself.
All puppets in my shop are free-hand cut and sewn from colorful 100% recycled felt. Unless otherwise noted, they generally measure approximately 2 inches wide by 4 inches tall (making them really more appropriate for a thumb than a finger, maybe?) Each is unique and one-of-a-kind and as with all handmade goods, may vary slightly from those pictured.

One might initially mistake the puppet as some raunchy character off South Park, but take a closer look. It’s Bob Ross sporting a paint palette, and his hair is tall and rounded to match his signature ‘fro, beard connecting to it.

So what do you do with a felt finger puppet? You can entertain kids and teach them how to be kind and artistic. Or you can slip Bob on your finger whenever you want to remind yourself to calm down and enjoy the wonders of nature. You could take photos of him against natural landscapes and start a fad, like those gnomes did. You could put him on one of your pens. These are just a few ideas. There are no happy little mistakes when it comes to Bob.

The Bob Ross Finger Puppet is available on for $17. If you’d like to see more random finger art, we’ve also got some Pickle Fingers. Or if you want to protect your fingertips from getting burned or frozen, there’s also the very practical Cool Fingers Microwave Grip.

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