Electricity was never one of my favorite subjects when I was still in school. I understood the basic principles and all, but when it came to figuring out how to connect or line up circuits, resistors, and capacitors, I’d be all lost and clueless. However, there’s LittleBits to help make things a whole lot simpler and a whole lot more fun, although I doubt your professor would appreciate it very much.

LittleBits is like LEGO, only it’s electric in nature and a whole lot more interactive. The entire set comes with ten snap-together modules, each with a specific function like: light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, and pulse.

It’s fun to experiment on and adds a fun factor in something that would normally be boring, like the Potato Clock and the Frog Weather Reporter.



  • Each “bit” is part of an electronic circuit
  • Combine them by snapping them together using the magnets
  • Create interactive electronics in mere seconds
  • Starter kit has everything you’ll need to begin making

LittleBits are like LEGOs for electronics. Just like you can snap LEGO bricks together to build a castle, you can snap LittleBits together to prototype your next electronics project. It’s as simple as snapping two magnets together! Each bit has a function: light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse, etc), and when you snap multiple bits together, you can create larger circuits to do more complicated things. This kit includes 10 snap-together modules, a carrying case, instructions, and a 9v battery to power your creations.

LittleBits are available from ThinkGeek for $129.99.

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