Motorized Stunt Kite

Motorized RC Kite

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s a kite. And not just any kite – the Motorized Stunt Kite is the Super Dave Osborne of all kites, but requires no helmet or kite strings.

Kite connoisseurs might not be so willing to accept this stunt devil into the kite kingdom. But once they get a hold of the remote and realize how intense this kite is, they won’t want to fly old, non-turbo kites anymore. No more rolling up long, endless kite strings and untangling them. It’s a no-brainer.

Motorized Stunt Kite

The Motorized Stunt Kite
This is the first stunt kite that uses a remote-controlled gimbaled propeller to execute a variety of aerial maneuvers. Its gimbal-mounted engine and propeller provides nimble, multi-directional vector movement in concert with its delta-wing shape that enables quick climbs, loops, and reliable tracking. With no tether, it is wirelessly controlled from up to 500′ away by a radio transmitter that provides left/right and up/down propeller attitude trim for optimal control during stunts. The natural curvature of its ripstop nylon delta-wing airfoil provides lift for its durable fiberglass frame and wing struts. The included rechargeable lithium battery enables flights up to eight minutes and recharges easily from the included charger in 20 minutes; transmitter requires eight AA batteries. Ideal for wind conditions under 10 mph. Ages 14 and up. 27″ L x 60″ W x 1″ D. (1 lb.)

Enjoy eight glorious minutes of performing kite stunts, and then take a break as your battery recharges for twenty minutes. That gives you just enough time to talk smack to other kite flyers, go eat something, do some push-ups, or take a power nap.

The Motorized Stunt Kite is a new arrival at Hammacher Schlemmer and is priced at $199.95, which includes a lifetime guarantee.

Another eccentric flying machine that would be fun to fly on a nice day is the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky plane, which has an in-built camera.

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