Design-a-Kite Kit

Design-a-Kite Kit

Oh, go fly a kite! Don’t mind if I do, but first I’ve got to paint it. If you’ve been holding back on buying a kite because you can’t find the perfect one that best represents your personality, maybe it’s time you design one for yourself. To do that you’ll need the Design-a-Kite Kit.

Geeks tend to get busy with work, other hobbies and algorithms, but sometimes they like to frolic in an open field and fly kites, too. And then go back to solving the world’s problems with fresh oxygen flowing to the brain.

Design-a-Kite Kit

When you’ve got the Design-a-Kite, not only do you get to paint something exotic and feel like Picasso, but you also get to show it all off and attract attention. (Well, at least the kite will get some double takes.)

Design-a-Kite Kit

  • Kit includes one plain kite, spar rods, reel with flying line, paint, paintbrush and detailed instructions
  • Have hours of fun with your friends and family
  • Design your very own customized kite
  • Unique and kid-friendly gift for friends or family
  • Suitable for ages 5 and up

The Design-a-Kite Kit can be found at LatestBuy for $27.95.

After you’ve found a good spot to send things up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear, wouldn’t it also be fun to bring along some remote control toys? Here are a couple GeekAlerts recommendations that would bump you up to ‘token nerd on the grassy knoll’ status: the Double Horse 9100 RC Helicopter and the Parrot AR Drone.

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