9 1/2 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

9.5 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

Do you love the outdoors and enjoy R/C action?  If so, the 9 1/2 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle might just be the perfect gift for yourself this fall.  With its carbon fiber frame, gimbal-mounted engine and 500′ receiver range, this makes for one fun outdoor remote controlled kit.  The included rechargeable lithium battery provides flight times up to 8 minutes and with the quick charge battery charger, you be back up in the air in just about 20 minutes.  Master flight with this 114 inch wing-spanned bald eagle and maybe even have some fun with unsuspecting neighbors.

Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

9 1/2 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

This is the remote controlled bald eagle with a 9 1/2′ wingspan that catches the wind for broad, soaring turns. It is powered by a gimbal-mounted engine and propeller that provides nimble, multi-directional vector movement which replicates the bird of prey’s agile turns and dives. The natural curvature of the nylon/polyester wings creates an airfoil that provides lift for the carbon fiber frame and wing struts. The transmitter controls the eagle up to 500′ away; trim controls allow fine adjustment to left, right, up, and down thrust of the propeller. Once basic soaring is mastered, it can also perform loops and with just the right touch of the throttle, it can even hover in-place against the wind. The included rechargeable lithium battery enables flights up to eight minutes and recharges easily from the included charger in 20 minutes; transmitter requires eight AA batteries. Ages 14 and up. 46″ L x 9 1/2″W x 19″ H.

You can purchase this flying 9 1/2 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle at Hammacher Schlemmer for $499.95.  Here are some other cool R/C vehicles: Millennium Falcon, Air Swimmers Shark Blimp and R/C DIY Wooden Dinosaurs.

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