Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky

If you liked the R/C Spy Gyro Video Helicopter we featured this past summer, you might also like the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky camera plane that was just released this year.

Hawk Eye Blue Sky

Get in the pilot’s seat of the Air Hogs Camera Plane for an adrenaline pumping ride full of high-action video! Experience intuitive direction control, impressive maneuverability and action packed footage. It’s like nothing you’ve been able to capture before! With VGA quality photos and QVGA quality video, you can take hundreds of pictures or up to 5 minutes of sky soaring video. Charge your plane and upload video by hooking it up to your computer. Get fully charged and hand launch to let it fly! Got all the video you wanted? Get creative with the free online video editor at Capture the skies with the Air Hogs Camera Plane and explore flight from the cockpit! 1 camera plane, 1 USB cord, 1 controller, 1 instruction sheet, 6 AA batteries required, ages 12+

It’s not very clear how far or high you can fly the Blue Sky. But judging from the commercials, it looks like it can fly well above the rooftops of your house.

The concept behind the video plane is totally innovative; to take footage from an aerial view while not physically being up in the air yourself. I guess kids are curious to see beyond what Google Maps can provide. Just make sure this gizmo doesn’t wind up in the hands of a peeping Tom.

Air Hogs RC Hawk Eye Blue Sky

The Hawk Eye Blue Sky would be a fun toy to bring in for show-and-tell, and demonstrating what it can do in front of your classmates and teacher would make for an interactive outdoor presentation. The next day, you could provide aerial photos of the gang. The plane is capable of taking hundreds of pictures. Imagine how your family and friends will enjoy handling the Blue Sky at picnics, reunions and weddings.

The fun is split into two parts: flying the plane, then watching the video footage or still photos you’ve captured through your plane’s journey.

Starting from about the $80-price range, the Hawk Eye Blue Sky video plane by Air Hogs is available at Amazon and many other big retailers.


  1. This plane works excellent, fly it in very calm weather, add a thumbtack or two to the nose to minimize pitching, great videos! It actually flys great by itself, but watch the range! It will cut the motors at about 100 feet out, move closer to the plane to regain control…Totally worth the price!!

  2. Great plane, but I find it’s tossed around in the wind too easily. Not too mention that mine has gotten a little beaten up. The nose fell off, the rotor guards broke, the wings have ripped in several places, but I assume thats from where I fly it. When it got all those bruises, I was flying it in cold weather into power lines (they do nothing to it, actually), trees (hard to get out of pine trees, particularly), and some other places (such as the roof). I wish I could upgrade the motors, though. Increase the speed a bit, and then give it some weight. Then it would be really great.

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