Resonating Transparent Speakers

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

When you’re clocking in long hours at your desk on the computer, it helps to surround yourself with beautiful things to see and hear. For example, this set of Resonating Transparent Speakers by Harmon Kardon, also called “Soundsticks III,” will allow you to entertain fantasies of being at an art exhibit. Seriously, these guys are on display at the NY Museum of Modern Art.

The transparency of the speakers creates less visual clutter while they give off a big contemporary vibe. Thanks to the speakers’ bubble-like appearance, you can marvel at how light plays off the surface and space out to the show going on in the subwoofer.

Resonating Transparent Speakers

The Resonating Transparent Speakers
This is the transparent speaker system that provides robust bass when used on reflective surfaces such as tabletops or hardwood floors. Made by Harmon Kardon, inventors of the world’s first integrated stereo receiver in 1958, its 40-watt 6″ subwoofer fires downward, avoiding the adverse affects furniture and walls can impart to a room’s acoustics, optimizing the natural resonant qualities of hardwood floors. A flared bass reflex port built into its unique transparent acrylic enclosure reduces resonance during high-volume passages. Its two satellite speakers–each containing four 10-watt, 1″ full-range transducers–can be angled to the desired position, providing rich, realistic sound. Connected with high-quality audio cables that remove any sign of signal degradation or outside interference, the subwoofer and twin satellites increase power handling and audio output for connecting to any device with a standard 3.5mm speaker port, including computers, iPhones, iPods, video game consoles, and DVD/Blu-Ray disc players. Plugs into AC. Subwoofer 10″ H x 9″ Diam.; satellites 10″ H x 2″ Diam. (11 1/4 lbs.)

The satellite “soundsticks” speakers don’t take up much surface area, which is ultra-convenient. And they can swivel out of their donut-shaped pods as well as be adjusted at different angles. As playful and whimsical as these speakers look, you can still bet that you’ll get great sound quality that’s synonymous with the name Harmon Kardon. 

The Resonating Transparent “Soundsticks III” Speakers are available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $179.95, backed by a lifetime guarantee. You can also find them at from $120.

Another set of computer speakers seen on GA that’s also got guts is the Dancing Water Computer Speakers set.

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