Dancing Water Computer Speakers

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Do you wish you were standing in front of the glorious Bellagio fountains in Vegas right about now? Would you settle for a dancing water show right on top of your desk? Having a pair of these Dancing Water Computer Speakers won’t astound you like the Bellagio fountains. However, the speakers do incorporate some of the same key elements, i.e. lights, water movement and music, to bring you a highly enjoyable desktop lightshow.

It’s a light and sound show for your desktop!
The SoundMaster Dancing Water speakers are the most dramatic way to play your music. The two desktop speakers feature powerful, built-in water fountains that ‘dance’ to the beat of the song.

The streams of water are lit by beautiful, brightly colored LEDs — a spectacular show to accompany your favorite music!

Dancing Water speakers plug right into your computer, with no batteries or external power required. Just plug them in, and enjoy the show!

Soundmaster Dancing Water Speakers

I know some of you have zero desk space, but these Dancing Water Speakers are worthy of desk space. They seem to be small and modular, thus not taking up much precious surface area.  Plus, they have a square, flat top that’s convenient for placing other small items like the Batman Computer Sitter Bobble Head.

I know what you’re thinking, “Great, just one more item on my desk to distract me from my work.” But once you get past being mesmerized by LED-lit water moving to music, you’ll be able to drown the water show out just like all other background noise (i.e. radio talk shows, annoying cubicle mates, and intercom announcements.)

The Dancing Water Computer Speakers make a fabulous gift for an office gift exchange or just because. Similar models are available for $49.95 at Skymall.com and for only $14.99 at Amazon.com.

UPDATE December 2012: You can now purchase the Light Show Fountain Speakers at ThinkGeek.com for $29.99.


    • Dear J.
      One speaker wont light up is caused by below reasons:
      1,The main speaker’s power cable doesn’t work,so that can not supply power and signal to another speaker,so the light can not up.
      2,The LEDs light of that speaker is broken,please change new good LEDS,or if you are not the professionals,please don’t open it for there is little electricity and there is liquid,so it’s better to return it back to your before supplier to repair.
      3,Normally LED light lifespan is very long,almost can be used for 5years,so please make sure that your supplier used is the good and reliable quality LED material.

      Hope can help you.


      Anna jiao

    • have you found a solution for the problem because mine have done the exact same and im furious I have searched everywhere for help and not one thing shows me how

    • Me three! The sound is fine. The lights still all work. It’s just that the main speaker is no longer dancing. 🙁

    • I was having the exact same problem, and I was looking for videos to fix it all day, so after all all I had to do was fix my magnets that are connected to the fan and that helped me out and fixed my problem, it still made to noise so I put some tape on the bottom part of the magnets and the noise is gone. Before you do all of that make sure that when you play music that the fans are not moving cause if they are then you have a different problem, but mine was doing the same thing and I did that to them and now they work perfect.

  1. hey is there a way to refill the water
    when i received mine the water from one of the speakers was all over the box
    no cracks, so it must have been a leak

      • I have the noise too, but if I don’t use that one speaker the other won’t work. My left speaker is working perfectly, some times I imagine all the water that leaked out of the main one went directly to the second one cause it looked like it has a whole lot more water now. lol. So what can I do? I would have to put water in or other wise it would make noise every now and then cause I wont be able to use only one of them…

  2. The main speaker doesn’t play anymore, it’ll light up, but no sound. My brother was touching the center of it, could that have done it? Before it went completely out it was playing in and out.

  3. To refil it you have to take it apart and there should be a hole next to the motor you can pop it threw and make a small hole and refil it (dont use tap water) and when your done put putty in the hole and the reason its making that buzzing sound is probly because theres water on the inside touching those micro chips and eires so just dab a q-tip on them

    • Well I refilled the speaker with mineral oil. I took off the back, poked a hole through the little tube, and eye dropped more in. The speaker still doesn’t dance. Thanks for the suggestion, but these are going in the trash. Cheap product, poor customer service.

      • Um this is a very cheap product I had bought 2 and one leaked and makes this killing noise and the other set of water speakers it doesn’t even dance any more so I honestly wouldn’t never buy this product it has a lot of flaws it was cool at first but it just doesnt work just buy some thing else

  4. I purchased mine online & when I received it, one of the speakers leaked. I discovered it wasn’t water because the whole speaker was oily. I didn’t want to take a chance and refill it with water so I tried mineral oil. Now it works just fine.

  5. One of my speakers didn’t go as high as the main one so I put water in it… Ya bad idea I then later found im out it was mineral oil.. So DO NOT PUT WATER it’ll bubble and make it look like shit.

  6. Gina: What is the name of that mineral oil you used? i guess there is some difference types of mineral oils..

    What tools did you use to make the hole so you can add more oil? and how much amount of oil, pour in about? and what is the mass you have and clogs the hole with next?

  7. my water speakers are cool, the main 2 doesnt make the sound anymore it plays but very quuite, the other one the bass is working fine but quite aswell any way to fix this?

    when u touch it there no viration wich i think the bass has gone not to sure but help please

  8. I am sorry, but also glad, to hear other people have received speakers where one has leaked in the box. Thank you for the suggestions on how to fix it. the contact at Leading Edge has been horrible – they keep telling me I have to return it to where it was bought, despite my telling them it was a wedding gift and I have no idea where it was bought. Super frustrating, but I’m glad you had some solutions.

  9. i bought this for a gift for my boyfriend. and when they came in they had oil all over the box and speakers.. the speakers work but the water doesnt jump like its supposed to. do i need to put more mineral oil into it to make it dance again?

  10. My daughter just received these. When I use the plug to plug it into her ipad, nothing happens when the music is played. Can’t hear it, no lights on the speaker, nothing. When I plug it into my iphone, same deal. When I plug it into my desktop, it lights up, but it doesn’t dance when music is played. Please help!

  11. my speakers will squirt water when I plug them into the computer, but they won;t continue to dance when a song plays. How do I fix this?

  12. I plugged my speakers into my desktop, And they lit up. One of the speakers would not dance, yet it played perfectly, and lit up. What do I do to make the speaker dance?

  13. My speakers wont shoot up water anymore. Did anyone find a solution. It sounds like they want to and it looks like the water is now below the black panel, when i bought them it was on top and they worked the last time i used them. Also it looks like in a couple spots they are being eaten away where the paint is on the base

  14. I got my speakers from Spencer’s. I got them for Christmas and started using them right away. I haven’t used them on a week from today and when I went to show my cousin how cool they were my right speaker won’t play music. Any idea why this is? No I haven’t travelled with them, they have been on my TVs stand. If anyone could help me that would be great. Thanks

  15. For Christmas, I got water similar to these. They’re called iboutique, if that matters. Anyway, they were working fine and then one of them (left) which coneects everything together, fell off my desk. They immediately switched off and I don’t know how to get them back on, they were working fine before, I don’t want to buy a replacement, any suggestions? PLEASE REPLY!!!

  16. What type of mineral oil do you use to refill the water speakers? Mineral oil seems to be rather thick. Please help!!!

  17. can someone please tell me exactly what kind of oil I need to put in them since when they arrived they were already both empty and leaked all over the box. A fast reply would be greatly appreciated, thank you

  18. My speaker in the main one is busted, the water and lights still go with the music but it’s not as loud with one speaker. Can you tell me an easy way to fix it with out buying a new one? Please 🙂

  19. I bought these speakers a few weeks ago and they played great. I haven’t used them in a while because I work a lot. I went to turn them on and the lights went from blue, purple, pink, to red, yellow, green, but did not light up like they used to. Now the lights are completely off. I have used them four times. I don’t see how the lights could change colors and then shut completely off. The only good thing is that the water still dances and music still plays. I’m pretty angry because I haven’t even used them that much. Should I just toss ’em?

  20. Thanks for the suggestions. My right one leaked “oil” all over my desk, leaving only a smattering which makes the “dancing” very loud. I drilled a hole where the sealed hole was, on the top, and drip-drip-drip filled it with baby oil. I didn’t think that was right. Knew it wasn’t water, b/c it was oily as others described. I will put mineral oil on the list. Whatever it is, it’s very light and viscous and as clear as alcohol. So maybe mineral oil is the trick. I hope I get get the baby oil out, now!

  21. I got mine for Croatia they are cool but whend I have it loud it skips so does my sisters is there a reason or are they just cheap speakers.

  22. my speakers arrived today and when i opened it one of the speakers water was spilled. how do i add more water to it? PLEASE HELP!!!!

  23. Mine work in general but not when I use Audacity. I’m pretty sure it’s because I removed the original speakers from my desktop (is that a no no?) so my computer only recognizes them as headphones. All I know is, my computer is confused about playing audio now, and frankly so am I. Any assistance?

  24. I bought super sonic dancing water speakers for my son at Sears, for Christmas. They worked well the first 5-6 times he actually used them, but the controlling one was leaking oil from somewhere, so now it squeals like hell and very annoying. After reading so many complaints online, I sent in a complaint for them to be recalled, I have no info on who actually makes, except for China, his came with no paperwork or anything……..I’m very disappointed in this product. If anyone knows for sure how to refill the liquid and what kind of liquid it is please let me know. Or if anyone has a company name that makes them, let me know. Thanks!

    • They have a small amount of water in them because otherwise the vibration can’t bounce the water. Also, opening it will ruin them as they’re sealed.

  25. I received my speakers as a Christmas gift this last year. Great sound output, even though they don’t look like they would do that.
    I can use them with my phone, but when I plug them into my computer, I get this annoying static sound and they don’t produce any sound other than that. Computer sound test, Pandora, iTunes.. nothing but static. Not even static to the music, either. Just noise.

    • Yup, having a similar problem, however I can still play music through them. Just a consistent high pitched noise in the background.

  26. My sister bought these and they worked fine and then the “water” disappeared like it evaporated. I have been reading the comments and she never noticed anything oily. My son wants to take them apart and refill them. It sounds like the mineral oils or baby oil people used wasn’t a good substitute. I was wondering if the substance may have been glycerine which is what we have used in homemade snow globes. Has anyone any thoughts on that? I really want to know what to put in there before I let my son drill them open.

  27. Hello All.. these are pretty cool set of speakers,, after buying second hand from a stranger, fully working, ive had no problems, ive taken them apart to turn over the LED strip to make is symetrical to the other. They are still going as tweaters for my main system. these can be fixed modded and also used for spares in the fish tank. lol. they still squirt just like my missis, both of them. haha. if you dont know, pass them on to someone who does. i can fix, can you.

    all the problems that are displaying here are standard simple solutions to remedy.

  28. Hi there, these speakers are really neat. Bought them at five and below. They work perfectly when plugged into my phone, but when plugged into the computer, there is a constant high-pitched static noise. The music will play fine, but there is still static in the background. Static with sound playing, static without. Only solution is to unplug the headphone jack. Yes, these speakers were not exactly expensive, but I was still hoping for some kind of solution. Thanks!

  29. My water speakers work fine. It plays the music, but the waters don’t dance unless the volume is turned all the way up. Is there a way to fix this? I don’t want to blow up my speakers…

  30. I brought these dancing water speakers, and the oil leaked out of both.and they’re making a very load buzzing noise, what’s the best results?

  31. I figure out what is causing that static noise.

    – Make sure the usb power adapter is plugged in tight.

    As soon as I pushed it in to the main speaker, the static went away.

  32. why cant anyone just say blatantly that they used mineral oil period ? seems like this is what is suppose to be used so im going ahead and gunna try it ill post a comment after with my results.

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