Dancing Cat

Dancing Toy Cat

Remember the Hip Hop Pet Loudspeaker that would dance to the beat of your music while it played it out loud? Or the Magic Music Monkey that makes for a more adorable dancing partner? If you’re neither a robotic dog nor monkey person, then you might like the Dancing Cat better.

The Dancing Cat is one feline that’s got his groove on. Just plug in your mobile music player, share the music with everyone in the room, and watch the cat do his thing like nobody’s watching.

Dancing CatDancing Cat

However, when it comes to keeping it all inside, one cat didn’t get the memo. Singing like no one’s listening and shaking his thing like nobody’s watching, the Dancing Cat is the most shameless feline exhibitionist we’ve ever seen! And that’s why we love him. This plush puss will happily play music from your mobile phone, MP3 player or any music system with a standard headphone jack. Just plug him in and he’ll blast out all of your favorite tracks – ‘Love Cats’, ‘Cool for Cats’, the theme tune to ‘Topcat’… you name it. But best of all, he’ll also dance to the rhythm!

The Dancing Cat is available from Firebox for £37.99 ($60.)

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