Nintendo Mini Classics

Nintendo Mini Classics Keychains

Sure the Nintendo Wii is a mandatory household item and everyone and their dog has the DS by now, but it’s still nice to have access to the old school surprise box. With these portable Nintendo Mini Classics keychain games, fun is not strictly limited to online gaming.

Nintendo Mini Classics

Nintendo Mini Classics

  • Super Mario Bros: Insane leaping between side-scrolling platforms or a nailbiting race to rescue a princess? Probably both.
  • Donkey Kong Jr: An arcade classic in which you help the son of an ape unlock padlocks by jumping between vines. As you do.
  • Mario’s Cement Factory: This classic platformer sees the iconic tap-twiddler attempting to prevent containers of cement overflowing. Plumber? In a cement factory? Whatever.
    2x LR 44/AG 13 battery – included
  • Suitable for Ages 6-16yrs
  • Approximately 4.3cm(W) x 6.5cm(H) x 1.5cm(D)Nintendo Mini Classics

These games are a shrunk-down hybrid of the old 8-pixel, beeping handheld games a lot of us grew up with combined with style elements of the revolutionary Game Boy. Oh, and each game case seems to come in different, bold colors.

More than just entertaining, these games bring us back to the good ‘ol days… Back when nobody knew, cared or could even imagine the implications of the world wide web… Back in the days when geeks had to call each other up to alert one another of the newest geek fads… Or if your big sister was tying up the phone line, you’d have to wait until Chess Club to share the latest and greatest.

Priced at £8.99, the Nintendo Mini Classics are like little pieces of heaven. Get ’em at

Got an urge to collect more old school-ish equipment? There are too many to list, but for starters check out the Donkey Kong Jenga Game, Classic Mega Man Figurine, and Giant Tetris Wall Graphics.

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