St. Patrick’s Day Super Hero T-Shirts

St. Patrick's Day Super Hero T-Shirts

SuperHeroStuff has an exclusive new line of St. Patrick’s Day Super Hero T-Shirts. As fitting, they are green and beer themed. My favorite of the bunch is the Mos Eisley Cantina Shirts we already showed you, but the rest are pretty awesome as well. There are the The Batcave Brewing Company, Mjolnir Brewing Company, Kryptonite Brewery, Silver Sentinel Brewing Company, Von Doom’s Bier Haus, and The Canary Cage Irish Pub t-shirts.

Batcave Brewing Company T-Shirts

Much like a certain dark knight, the Batcave Brewing Company/Bar/Restaurant was formerly a rumor until its studded gauntlets/potent lagers punched a considerable number of criminals/customers in the gut.

Yes, the Batcave Brewing Company features beers developed by a terrifying bat-themed vigilante.

Pristinely bottled and served by a rather dapper, older, and British fellow, it’s said these very dark lagers contain specific antibodies to contend with various fear toxins and lethal laughing gasses.

Celebrating a very Gothic city’s staple that’s only accessible via two fireman’s poles, we present the official, first-of-its-kind Batcave Brewing Company T-Shirts.

Batcave Brewing Company T-Shirts are available for Men and Women for $19.99/$21.99 at SuperHeroStuff.

Mjolnir Brewing Company T-Shirts

Where does a thunder god go when villainy is properly vanquished across realms both mortal and eternal?

If he’s not currently battling super-villains on Midgard, battling his brother influencing super-villains on Midgard, or combating pantheons of agitated space-gods on Asgard, he’s probably drinking. A lot.

Where is he drinking? If I was a betting mortal, I would put all my livestock on Mjolnir Brewing Company. I mean, it’s kind of his thing, and it produces an infinite amount of mead, so…yeah.

Made from 100% cotton, our Mjolnir Brewing Company Men’s T-Shirt celebrates the Odinson’s very first — and utterly successful — business venture: his very own brewery!

Mjolnir Brewing Company T-Shirts are available for Men and Women for $19.99/$21.99 at SuperHeroStuff.

Kryptonite Brewery T-Shirts

The Last Son of Krypton hates it, so a certain bald business mogul made it a franchise.

Yes, every citizen of Metropolis fills any number of the 75 Kryptonite Brewery locations currently spread about Superman’s preferred stomping grounds.

Unfortunately, one of the brewery’s prime ingredients is Kryptonite. Yes, it magnifies the alcohol content of any beverage, but it also makes a certain ‘man of steel’ extremely woozy.

These Kryptonite Brewery T-Shirts celebrate Lex Corporation latest foray in the brewery/restaurant business — a beer-centric chain offering several forms of Kryptonite beer on tap.

Kryptonite Brewery T-Shirts are available for Men and Women for $19.99/$21.99 at SuperHeroStuff.

Silver Sentinel Brewing Company T-Shirts

Yes, a purple giant space-god IS the bar.

Sure, a certain Herald’s incalculably fast surf board is certainly the center of attention on our Silver Sentinel Brewing Company Men’s T-Shirt, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

After the ‘Sentinel of the Spaceways’ whisks patrons to the brewery’s location in deep-space, he deposits them in the cranium of an ancient super-being who stands taller than most planets.

Celebrating the massive bar/brewery residing inside the giant head of a world-consuming space-god, we present the Silver Sentinel Brewing Company T-Shirt.

Silver Sentinel Brewing Company T-Shirts are available for $19.99 at SuperHeroStuff.

Von Doom Bier Haus T-Shirts

Von Doom’s Bier House — where attendance is required.

Every weekday after 5 PM, and every Saturday and Sunday, from 3 PM to 6 PM, the armored monarch expects his subjects to fill the halls of his multitudinous ‘bier haus’ locations.

Yes, he truly appreciates his subjects’ loyalty, so he awarded them with magnificent bars offering room temperature beer served by very attentive Doom Robots.

And yes, the Doom Robots were granted a light makeover to put customers at ease. And yes, they’ll still atomize you if they detect any body movements implying dissention.

Made from 100% cotton, our Von Doom’s Bier Haus Men’s T-Shirt celebrates the famous Latverian bier haus supported by the monarchy.

Von Doom’s Bier Haus T-Shirts are available for $19.99 at SuperHeroStuff.

The Canary Cage Irish Pub T-Shirts

Come for the beer. Stay for the entertainment.

Sure, the Canary Cage is a fine Irish pub filled with a fine selection of beer and barely edible pub-food. But that’s not why you keep coming back:

You’re drawn to the captivating voice of the pub’s hypnotic house singer.

Yes, her voice is smooth and sultry, conveying a trained but broken vibrato implying deep vulnerability residing just beneath a street-tough exterior.

However, if you test her — if you throw a bottle on stage, or ask her — impolitely –to disrobe, that soothing, intoxicating voice becomes a penetrating sonic jackhammer.

Made from 100% cotton, our Canary Cage Irish Pub Men’s T-Shirt celebrates the legendary back-alley Irish bar, and the signing “canary” caged by circumstance and a complete disdain for artistic expression.

The Canary Cage Irish Pub T-Shirts are available for $19.99 at SuperHeroStuff.

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