Green Guinness Beer T-Shirt

Guinness Beer Luck of the Irish T-Shirt

I don’t even want to know how much shamrock juice it takes to turn a pint of Guinness beer green. Rumor has it that you could turn into a glowing leprechaun or possibly a bug-eyed alien if you consume too much shamrock juice on St. Patty’s Day. Instead, why not err on the safe side and throw on an officially licensed Green Guinness Beer T-Shirt? Then you can drink Guinness the way it’s supposed to be drank; that is, off the tap, black on bottom and thick, foamy cream on top, with no additives or preservatives.

Soft, comfy, and dark enough that nobody will notice if you spill corned beef and cabbage on it. These threads feature the unmistakable Guinness glass full of green beer, Luck of the Irish drinking blessings, and the year Guinness was established, which was 1759. Whoa, it’s over 200 years old! It could be older than that mystical pot of gold.

This shirt could become a wardrobe staple for all the other days of the year to come. Call it your lucky shirt. Nobody will dare pinch your tush when the Irish have got your back!

You can find the Green Guinness Beer T-Shirt on for $19.95 in Medium and at in sizes M – XXL for $19.99.

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