Kush Kandy Lollipops

Kush Kandy Lollipops

A while back we brought you Lollipop Pipes, and today for 420 Day 2012 we present Kush Kandy Lollipops. These candy lollipops are made with real hemp oil, but are totally legal. Choose your flavor between Reefer Red, Golden Leaf, or Goody Green. You know […]

Guinness Beer Luck of the Irish T-Shirt

Green Guinness Beer T-Shirt

I don’t even want to know how much shamrock juice it takes to turn a pint of Guinness beer green. Rumor has it that you could turn into a glowing leprechaun or possibly a bug-eyed alien if you consume too much shamrock juice on St. Patty’s Day. Instead, why […]