Vacuum Brewer

Vacuum Brewer

I’m not a huge fan of science, but I do love coffee and the Vacuum Brewer merges those two areas together so well that even I can get a thrill out of the dynamics of vapor pressure.

Do you consider yourself a java connoisseur because your kitchen is stocked with a French press and coffee bean grinder? That’s nice but there’s still room for improvement… and a better tasting cup o’ joe.

With the Vacuum Brewer, pressure sends the boiling water up into the upper container that holds the coffee grounds, letting the water absorb the coffee flavor. After the coffee is brewed, just remove the carafe from the heat and watch gravity use the pressure difference to send the brewed coffee down into the carafe, leaving the grounds in the upper chamber ready for easy disposal.

As if a great-tasting cup of coffee wasn’t enough, watching this stylish brewer in action is a lot more exciting than watching the standard coffeemaker do its thing… which is basically just sit on the shelf and blink a red light at you.

Vacuum Brewer:

  • 8 cup vacuum coffee brewer by Bodum
  • Exceptionally effective brewing method for a clean cup of coffee
  • Vacuum brewing extracts all precious oils from coffee grounds
  • Not a whiff of aroma can escape, so it all goes into the water
  • Brews in 5-11 minutes for 4-8 cups (34 ounces)

You can start your day with the perfect blending of painless science and life-giving coffee with the Vacuum Brewer for $89.99 from

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