Ultimate Video Game Trivia Game

Ultimate Video Game Trivia Game

If you think you know video game, prove it by playing the Ultimate Video Game Trivia Game. This game isn’t for noobs, as there are 300 tricky questions that you have to be an expert to know. From recent releases to games for the Amiga, you have to know it all to be champion of this trivia game.

Put down that controller and put your money where your mouth is! If you reckon you’re the highest ranking nerd then you’d better be prepared to prove it.

With questions on all things gaming from consoles to characters and old-school stuff that will sit on the tip of your tongue and wind you up, this trivia game is sure to spark fierce competition between even the mellowest of gamers. Don’t let the two questions we gave you for free in the bullet points fool you, this lot are DIFFICULT. Don’t go into it expecting questions like ‘Name a Nintendo console’ or ‘Are there guns in Grand Theft Auto?’.

No cheat codes allowed, please. Put that weird pulpy book you got from the off-license away. And don’t even think about calling that pay-per-minute cheat hotline, for the sake of your bank account if nothing else.

Ultimate Video Game Trivia is available for £9.99 / $12.99 from Firebox.

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