Super Mario Desktop R/C Cars

Super Mario Desktop RC Cars

GeekAlerts has shown you the Super Deluxe Mario R/C Cars and the Nintendo DS Mario Kart Slot Car Set already, so we figured we would finish the Mario racing cycle off with the Super Mario Desktop R/C Cars.  You can choose between Mario or Yoshi and each racer comes with banana and shell obstacle accessories & interchangeable tires.  For some serious fun, get the Infinitrax Racetrack with its reconfigurable 14 piece desk top track.  Complete with guard rails, this track is sure to keep the fun going all day long as you race to cross the finish line.

Mario Desktop RC Racers

Super Mario Desktop R/C Cars

Bringing the smash hit Nintendo game to life in a way that pixels and bleeps simply can’t compete with, these wacky battery-operated R/C vehicles perform just like their on-screen counterparts, and feature slick tires for drift and a ‘dash’ button for speed bursts. Available in two frequencies for head-to-head ding-dongs, both Mario and Yoshi come with additional batteries, spare tires and banana and shell obstacles. The only thing missing is the dodgy team boss telling you to crash on purpose!

Mario and Yoshi Karts:

  • 1x Car and controller
  • Includes banana and shell obstacle accessories & interchangeable tires
  • 2 selectable frequencies
  • Race Sets: Include 2 x remote control cars and the race track

You can pre-order the Super Mario Desktop R/C Cars at Firebox from £15.99 with free delivery.


  1. These are super cute. When my thumb starts to get worn to the bone thanks to too much Super Mario 3DS at Christmas, I’ll be able to keep up the Mario love with a game of Super Mario Desktop R/C Cars with me mum. Cannot wait!

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