Paladone Super Mario Yoshi Egg Light

Super Mario Yoshi Egg Light

Nintendo fans have many choices when it comes to attractive lighting. There’s the Zelda Link Stained Glass Light, Super Mario Chain Chomp Lamp, and the Zelda TriForce Lamp just to name a few. Coming soon is another awesome option, the Super Mario Yoshi Egg Light. […]

Yoshi Lounger

Yoshi Lounger Costume Pajamas

It’s cozy and it’s comfy and may even make you hungry for apples. This Yoshi Lounger is based on the popular Nintendo character. It features a Yoshi-head hood, saddle, and a tail! Now you are a dinosaur. Lounge like one. Yoshi Lounger Officially-licensed Nintendo merchandise […]


Mario Alien Xenosshi T-Shirt

Uh-oh! From the look of the Mario Alien Xenosshi T-Shirt, Mario is about to have some out-of-this-world problems to deal with. As if dealing with turtles, Bowser, and a wandering princess who has a thing for getting kidnapped wasn’t hard enough, now Mario has to […]


Nintendo 3DS XL – Yoshi Edition

Yoshi fans can now have their very own Yoshi branded Nintendo 3DS XL. This Nintendo 3DS XL – Yoshi Edition looks great and combines next-generation portable gaming with 3D visuals-without the need for 3D glasses. You can take 3D photos, connect to friends and other […]

Yoshi Nintendo Dog Costume

Yoshi Nintendo Dog Costume

Dogs will do anything for a sweet or meaty treat. If that means getting dressed up for Halloween and going door-to-door for some free goodies, by golly they’re going to do it. Like kids, Rufus wants to dress in a character costumes. None of that generic witches and […]

Super Deluxe Mario RC Cars

Super Deluxe Mario R/C Cars

Take a break from playing Mario Cart on your Nintendo Wii and create your own backyard Super Mario race with the Super Deluxe Mario R/C Cars.  These fully assembled radio controlled cars come in your choice of Mario or Yoshi and include a 9.6V Ni-MH […]