Yoshi Nintendo Dog Costume

Yoshi Nintendo Dog Costume

Dogs will do anything for a sweet or meaty treat. If that means getting dressed up for Halloween and going door-to-door for some free goodies, by golly they’re going to do it. Like kids, Rufus wants to dress in a character costumes. None of that generic witches and vampires business. He wants to dazzle the town in Star Wars Costumes or in the Yoshi Nintendo Dog Costume.

Yoshi Nintendo Dog Costume

Not only are these costumes adorable, they also keep your puppy warm on cold nights and make perfect jammies. They also make it easy enough to play and run in but stay warm at the same time with an opening so your puppy can still go potty!

All sizes are Available, large dogs cost an extra $10 and very large dogs an extra $15
Just contact me and give me your dogs measurements such as:

1) neck
2) around the ribcage
3) neck to the base of the tail

All products are professionally constructed.

Yoshi is the trusty dino steed of Mario and his good buddies, frequently seen on Nintendo video games. Yoshi is ridden like a horse, but he also has dog-like characteristics such as being cheerful and loyal and jumping up high. It’s no surprise that Etsy vendor GypsyEyesClothing has created this brilliant Yoshi costume.

The dog model seen in the photos seems to be rather stoic. But he’s not bitter. He’s just working his serious face pose to market the product, like the supermodels do. But it’s actually a relief for him to be dressed as a beloved Mario character. He knows it won’t be long before the holiday sweaters for dogs come out.

Dressed as Yoshi, you’ll be sure to collect on those full-sized candy bars this year. But remember, chocolate is a no-no for dogs. Hopefully someone will have a stash of freeze-dried liver for Rufus. Get the Yoshi Nintendo Dog Costume for $35 and up on Etsy.com.

By the way, if you’ve got a pair of dogs, this costume maker also has Harry Pawter and Hermione Granger Dog Costumes.


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