Star Trek Spock Talking Wacky Wobbler

Star Trek Spock Talking Wacky Wobbler

We cover a lot of bobble heads here at GeekAlerts: Bobba Fett, R2-Q2, Osama Bin Laden and many more.  But you know what, we like them and we like when they give you a little something extra like this Star Trek Spock Talking Wacky Wobbler. Not only does he look great and offer some head bobbing action, he talks when he does it.  Spock will say 3 classic statements; “Live long and prosper.”, “You are after all essentially irrational.”, and “Fascinating.”

Star Trek Kirk talking Wacky Wobbler

Maybe Spock isn’t your guy, well how about a talking Captain Kirk.  Kirk has three classic quotes; “This is Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise.”, “Space the final frontier.”, and “I am a soldier, not a diplomat.” If Spock and Kirk aren’t enough, they have a Talking Scotty and Kahn to add to your collection.

Product Features:

  • 3 x 3 x 7 inches
  • sold separately
  • Each offers unique quotes

Star Trek Kahn Talking Wacky wobbler

You can purchase the FunKo Star Trek Spock Talking Wacky Wobbler at from $9.69 and Kirk, Scotty and Kahn are also available at amazon.  Get your talking wacky wobbler on!


  1. My dad is the biggest Star Trek fan and he would love these for his collection of figurines and action figures he has. May just have to add them to the Christmas list for a gift for him. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I have obtained a Spock talking Wacky Wobbler, but the name on the base says “KHAN” . Has anyone seen this before. Does that make it more valuable?

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