Star Wars R2-Q2, R2-R9, R2-X2 Droid Bobbleheads

Star Wars R2-Q2, R2-R9, R2-X2 Droid Bobbleheads

R2-D2 may be the most well known Astromech Droid out there, but he’s not the only one. Real fans can now collect some of the other astromechs with these limited edition Star Wars R2-Q2, R2-R9, R2-X2 Droid Bobbleheads. Each is available exclusively at Entertainment Earth, stands about 4.5 to 5 inches tall (including base), and is part of a limited edition of 756 pieces. Even if R2D2 is your favorite, you’ll still want to collect the whole set of these bobble heads.


  • Adorable bobble head of gray Star Wars robot R2-Q2, as seen in the original Star Wars film A New Hope.
  • R2-Q2 was a loyal servant and copilot in Rogue Squadron.
  • Robot copilot of Biggs Darklighter, who also was on the Tantive IV starship.


  • Adorable bobble head of red Star Wars robot R2-R9, as seen in the Star Wars film Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
  • R2-R9 was still a loyal servant to the Naboo until the greedy Trade Federation blasted him into space.
  • It’s a wobbling, bobbling take on Queen Amidala’s plucky red astromech droid.


  • Adorable bobble head of Star Wars robot R2-X2, as seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • R2-X2 was the R2 series astromech droid used by Red Ten (Theron Nett), during the Battle of Yavin.

Star Wars R2-Q2, R2-R9, R2-X2 Bobbleheads

Star Wars R2-Q2 Bobble-Head, R2-R9 Bobble-Head, and R2-X2 Bobble-Head are available for $13.99 each exclusively at

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